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CurvingRoad works to support the creative activity of emerging theatremakers and performance artists.

Whether it’s a complete performance, a developing piece, an unperformed experiment or a long-term script-writing development CurvingRoad provides artists the time and space they need to create their art.

In 2012 Curving Road supported 140 theatremakers and companies by providing them with rehearsal and development space, whilst 25 artists were able to establish studios with our support.

Through support for our Associate Artists and the Bush Bazaar festival we were able to provide over £25,000 of financial support to nearly 30 emerging theatre companies, co-producing 5 new pieces of work by our supported and associate artists.

We worked with 90 volunteers of all ages from across the community.

CurvingRoad Associate Artist Programme

Our Associate Artist Programme provides support for new and emerging theatre artists throughout the first few years of their existence.

It is these artists who need to find different ways and means of working, who would often otherwise be excluded from developing their practise due to time and financial pressure.

The artists that we look to support are

establishing a strong artistic voice that needs time and space to develop
creating work doesn’t naturally fit into traditional theatre or arts spaces
exploring different relationships with their audiences – whether it is through immersive theatre, game playing, promenade, one-on-one performance or immersive design
developing new ways of writing theatre text, through collectives, crowd-sourcing, audience-led, and devised-in-performance

With our Associate Artists we focus on staging new work that needs long-term development – perhaps years rather than months – by giving them a safe place to experiment, to play, to fail and to grow.

All the artists sharing our spaces become part of a creative transaction that involves joining in, supporting, contributing to, and learning from a wider artistic community and their work, and help run the spaces that are our creative home.

How to get involved

Look out for our next Theatre Souk – curating our Theatre Souk festivals is the primary way we meet new artists and sow the seeds of longer term working relationships.

Our next Theatre Souk is due to be in mid to late 2014, with applications open at the end of 2013.

We are also always willing to listen and read about new ideas that reflect the above points. Please email

CurvingRoad Mission

CurvingRoad is an organization founded on behalf of the artist.

Its mission is to find new artists within a variety of disciplines as they make their way along the curving roads of their own, individual artistic lives, nurture them, advise them, and then, when ready, launch them and their work into the public eye.

Regardless of audiences’ perceptions, the artist is separate from his or her creation. Yes, it is through the mounting of exhibitions, play productions, readings, publications and other such events that artists reach out to their surrounding communities with their art.

Therefore, any organization endeavoring to help the artist will inevitably be in the business of producing such exhibitions, performances and publications. But CurvingRoad is an arts organization with a difference in that its focus begins and ends with the artists themselves rather than their work.

A piece of art which is ready to leave the hands of its creator and journey into the public eye inevitably becomes a commodity. It becomes a ‘thing’ to be polished, marketed and sold. When that happens, the piece of art becomes separate from the artist and his or her creative process.

Artists need to sell their work, but it is the process of creating that work which is the strength and talent of the artist. Many artists find the transition from ‘creator’ to ‘retailer’ difficult, painful, often embarrassing, and sometimes even debilitating.

The supporters of CurvingRoad understand this and seek to shepherd the artist, sensitively though realistically, through this crucial segment of their artistic life. To us, the artist always comes first. We believe that it is the truly nurtured artist who goes on to produce art that changes societies and lives.