Associate Artists

At the heart of all Theatre Delicatessen’s work is the commitment to support new and emerging theatre artists by providing space for them to develop ideas, creating opportunities for them to share new work and through offering advice, mentoring and assistance in realising their productions.

Alongside young artists, Theatre Delicatessen aims to help those people who are looking to change direction later in life, and are looking to pursue their artistic vocation.

The long-term strategy to achieve this is to position Theatre Delicatessen as the natural home for young and emerging artists creating theatre in non-traditional forms. Over the last 18-months Theatre Delicatessen has been working with a number of young artists with the aim of supporting their growth through our associate artist programme.

Through involving these companies and artists in the management of the pop-up venue at 35 Marylebone High Street and through Theatre Delicatessen’s productions, we have provided the companies and artists with wider experience of financial management, fundraising and marketing, whilst enabling them to use our spaces and facilities to develop their own artistic practice.


The Lab Collective

The Lab Collective

The Lab Collective creates theatre which transcends traditional forms to produce visceral and intimate experiences. Treading the line between theatre, installation and art, The Lab Collective empower the audience to take an active role in the performance.

For the past four years, The Lab Collective have worked in a variety of traditional and non traditional performance spaces, exploring and playing across disciplines to generate an innovative theatrical experience.

The Lab Collective’s work consists of two strands; experience led installation and socially relevant Performance. Throughout all of our work, The Lab Collective have attempted to bring practice learnt from these strands to help forge the company’s devising skills.

The Lab Collective is Joseph Thorpe, Natalie Scott, Neil Connolly and Amy Fleming.

You can find out more at The Lab Collective website.



HalfCut 600 x 300

HalfCut aim to explore and create immersive and interactive experiences which challenge people’s perceptions and preconceptions.

All HalfCut’s concepts, performances and installations are driven by the desire to create experiences that find interesting ways to engage all audiences.

Since HalfCut’s birth in 2010, the company has transformed the former BBC London studios, corridors, railway tunnels and festival grounds to create unique tongue-in-cheek work and have worked with Theatre Delicatessen, Festival Republic, The Old Vic Tunnels and the V&A Museum.

HalfCut’s core team consists of Artistic Directors Astor Agustsson, Dan Ball and Joe Iredale.

You can find out more at HalfCut website.


Stamp Collective

StampCollective 600 x 300

StampCollective respond to space, and unlock our audiences’ imaginations through creative play. We develop our work by thoroughly researching concepts and ideas, then we devise and play in interactive workshops to bring our ideas to life. The world the audience sees is a tiny part of the world we imagine and create.

StampCollective provides the context and we all provide the content. Playful, challenging and subversive, our work raises questions about authority, consumerism and what we really hold valuable.

The vanguard of our performance is often the person you will least expect… Each surreal and subtly political playground emerges as unique as the audience inside them.

StampCollective inspire our audiences to take agency and responsibility within our worlds.

StampCollective are an amorphous group of makers, thinkers, dreamers and performers. The core is Holly Hardy, Gaia Harvey Jackson, Ellie Stamp and Sarah Vero.

You can read more about StampCollective on their website.


Tea Fuelled


Tea Fuelled are an award-winning arts collective specialising in imaginative multimedia performance. Formed in 2011, their work has blended original theatre, film, music, poetry and audience interaction, earning significant praise for their unique take on modern entertainment.

We aim to respond to the vast leaps in digital technology and blur the boundaries between all genres of art. However, we will never forget the importance of spectacle and good old fashioned story-telling.

We aim to entertain.

You can read more about Tea Fuelled on their website.